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Performance Management

Benchmarking your best

All of our assessments provide the benefit of benchmarking top-performer results in any given role, as a basis of comparison for existing employees or future hires in a similar role. The benchmark provides a graphical depiction of how an individual’s score compares to traits and aptitudes exhibited by top performers in similar roles, thus revealing an individual’s strengths and areas where improvement may be needed.

If benchmarking your successful performers is not feasible, CRI offers a database of benchmarks (compiled from over 4 million assessments), representing hundreds of different roles in a wide array of industries.

Insights to grow your team

In addition to benchmarking, CRI’s family of Achiever assessments also include Personal Development Suggestions as one of their unique report features, compiled as a result of the overall assessment of the individual compared to the aptitudes and traits required to successfully perform the job.

These action-oriented insights enable managers to be able to develop specific training and development programs for their teams, and manage subordinates more effectively and objectively.

The Gold Standard in employee performance enhancement and beyond pre-employment testing, CRI’s job-specific assessments can be an invaluable tool for assessing existing employees for promotion, transfers, performance reviews and personal productivity plans.

Performance Management Feedback

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