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All tests are not created equal

“A very well-rounded assessment for a hiring manager to enhance the interview process. It provides a solid overview of a candidate’s overall intelligence and behavioral tendencies.”

–Ashley Cox, HR professional


The goal is to find the right candidate for your job quickly and confidently, but the hiring process is complicated by misleading resume data, a flawed interview process and potential legal concerns. Hiring assessments provide objective clarity and provide a basis for superior hiring decisions.

Avoid the pitfalls of a bad hire. Demand transparency, clarity and insight from your pre-employment process, so you don’t waste time. CRI hiring assessments make it easy to find the right candidate for your job and we have a track record of over 50 years to prove it.


CRI knows the importance of assessing the total individual during the hiring process. Our hiring assessments was the first in America to encompass mental attributes, personality traits and validity scoring in one instrument. We call this the 3-Factor Analysis.

CRI hiring assessments typically take an hour or less to complete and results are available in one business day.

Practical candidate insight

Assessment report features

Performance Management Feedback


  • Narrative segment explaining each aptitude and personality dimension being assessed for a specific role, and how the individual scored in each
  • Pictorial analysis comparing the individual’s scores to the desirable benchmarks established for each corresponding role
  • Customized interview questions that can be used in follow-up interview situations to further validate fit
  • Personal development suggestions based on aptitudes and behaviors required to successfully perform any given role

A powerful interview tool

Hiring assessment benefits

Pre-employment assessments provide objective insight about a candidate with interview suggestions and detailed profile. CRI’s candidate benchmark database also enables candidate comparison in similar roles to determine a candidate’s likelihood for success.

Hiring managers using CRI assessments always have reliable information about their candidates’ abilities and the information is tailored to their specific role. 

CRI hiring assessments are customized to each job, so we guarantee the accuracy of our results and the quality of every candidate we refer. Our tailored approach has made CRI a trusted partner for HR professionals across a wide range of industries.

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