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CRI provides pre-employment assessments, recruiting and performance development services to optimize employee onboarding. Empower your hiring managers and provide them with objective data matched to your business needs.

CRI has over 50 years of workplace personality and mental aptitude testing research, so we guarantee accurate and unbiased results for your hiring process.


Real HR professionals using CRI services

"CRI's approach combines both intelligence and behavioral measurements into one assessment. I really appreciated this approach, along with the validity measurement, because I felt it provided a more thorough insight into the candidate from different angles."
--Ashley, HR professional

Pre-employment assessments

CRI assessments provide clear information about a candidate’s fit for a given role and simplify the hiring process with objective methods, accurate results and practical suggestions.

Performance development

Employee benchmarks help guide a team’s development by providing criteria for promotion, performance reviews and personal productivity plans.

Employee engagement

Highly engaged employees and a high-performing company culture is a competitive advantage. CRI assesses employee engagement within your organization and identifies areas of opportunity.

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Hiring Strategy Consultation

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CRI provides employee onboarding and retention services with reliable pre-employment assessments and interview recommendations. Due to our proprietary approach, we do not publish test samples or results. Please contact us for more information and to try an assessment yourself.

“The process was very straightforward and user friendly from both an employer’s standpoint, as well as a candidate’s.”

–Ashley, HR professional