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Pre-employment Assessments
Better Hiring, Better Results

Always two moves ahead

Hiring managers trust CRI pre-employment assessments for better hiring by understanding a candidate’s true job fit potential, personality and work style. Upgrade your onboarding, recruiting and performance development with objective data matched to your business needs.

With over 50 years of workplace personality and mental aptitude testing research, we guarantee accurate and unbiased results for your hiring process.

Hiring & Performance Management

Pre-employment assessments

CRI assessments measure six cognitive skills and ten personality dimensions to create a comprehensive candidate profile. The results are presented on a straightforward graph and include behavioral interview questions to probe areas of potential concern.

Performance Management

Establish employee benchmarks to guide your team’s development; providing criteria for promotion, performance reviews and productivity plans.

Employee engagement

Highly engaged employees and a high-performing company culture is a competitive advantage. CRI assesses employee engagement within your organization and identifies areas of opportunity.

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Pre-employment Consultation

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An assessment specialist will:

1. Show you how pre-employment assessments identify top candidates.
2. Discuss your hiring needs and answer questions.
3. Get you started with a complimentary trial assessment.

CRI assists companies in finding the right person for every job. Our approach is significantly more in-depth than traditional recruitment techniques and we guarantee you’ll see the difference.

“CRI’s approach ensures you hire the right candidate for the right position every time.”

–Ashley Cox, SproutHR