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CRI is a hiring services organization specializing in pre employment assessment. We are best known for The Achiever Assessment, a quick exam that allows employers to make immediate decisions about whether to hire someone or not.

Hiring is a difficult and expensive thing for employers to do, so they often look for ways to quickly filter candidates. Hiring managers can use pre employment assessments, like The Achiever, to clarify a candidate’s fit for a particular role by:

  • Revealing an individual’s true talents
  • Providing a clear basis for comparison with other candidates
  • Yielding a comparison of abilities with those required by the job
  • Generating questions to ask in an interview
  • Introducing objectivity into the selection process
  • Providing evidence of due diligence in the event of litigation
  • Deriving benchmarks of successful performers
  • Developing specific training and development programs
  • Giving insight to managers on how to best manage subordinates

Companies of all sizes trust CRI to optimize their hiring, recruiting and performance management.

The Achiever Assessment is a cognitive ability and behavioral test used for hiring and employee performance development purposes. While it is not the same as an IQ test, it does measure a candidate’s overall abilities in math, vocabulary, and reasoning.

Unlike popular intelligence tests or pure personality tests, The Achiever Assessment’s patented, multi-factor approach measures both: personality dimensions and mental aptitude in a single instrument.

This key difference yields a depth of accuracy and reliability that other employment tests cannot obtain. The Achiever Assessment stands alone with a comprehensive approach to employment assessment that is quick, accurate and straightforward.

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Pre employment assessments removes bias from hiring and provide a clear basis for employee evaluation. As the nation’s employment assessment pioneer, our results yield deeper insight than a traditional hiring process alone. Our proprietary approach offers results that are straightforward, reliable and available in just one business day. Contact us to learn more and receive a free demo now.

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