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We provide hiring solutions and professional development strategy that enhances your greatest asset: human capital. With over 4 million candidate assessments successfully administered, our interview strategy and employee selection process has proven effective over fifty years.


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Assessments & Recruiting

80% of employee turnover comes from bad decisions at the time of hiring

A company’s greatest asset is their human capital, making it vital to select the right candidate for a specific role. We offer hiring assessments and interview strategy tailored to the role you are hiring for, ensuring relevant results. All our candidate assessments are backed by over 50 years of industry benchmarks, so you are guaranteed reliable, unbiased information for recruiting strategy and professional development.

To simplify the employee selection process, CRI offers company benchmarks to help reveal a candidate’s true talents, identify their likeliness to succeed in a given role, and provide a unique basis for selection comparison.

Performance Management

The "Gold Standard" in employee performance enhancement

CRI’s professional development strategy is an invaluable tool for establishing employee benchmarks for promotion, transfers, performance reviews, and personal productivity plans.

Performance Management Feedback

Employee Engagement

Key engagement drivers for engaged & inspired employees

Having highly engaged employees and a high-performing company culture is a competitive advantage. Using 7 proven engagement barometers, CRI assesses employee engagement within your organization helping identify key areas of opportunity, while also providing an effective way to track progress over time. Contact us to learn more!

"The test of an organization is not genius, it is its capacity to make common people achieve uncommon performance."

– Peter Drucker      


For over 5 decades, leaders in every industry have entrusted CRI to help deliver their team-building advantage.

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