History of Candidate Resources, Inc.

The Origins of Pre-Employment Assessment

Early Computing
Computing changed the industry in the 1960’s

The pre-employment assessments utilized by CRI were developed by a team of psychologists in 1957. Dr. John L. Shirley used the psychological tests of the day to test candidates for potential leadership roles. Early customers included the Zales Corporation, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Ebby Halliday Real Estate, Home Interior Decorating and Gifts, 7-Eleven and Radio Shack.

Staff psychologists in Dallas tested and interviewed all interview candidates and employees to determine who were the most suitable prospects. As the years passed, data from hundreds of candidates was used as a foundation to optimize the hiring process and increase assessment efficiency.

More Than a New Personality Test

Dr. Shirley worked with Dr. Raymond Cattell–inventor of the Sixteen Personality Factor (16PF) assessment–to help develop a new, job-related test.

With the help of other noteworthy psychologists, they built The Achiever Assessment, which was the first to measure mental aptitude, job-related personality traits, and validity scales in a single instrument.

Hiring strategy and Assessment Today

CRI establishes job performance benchmarks from successful candidates to help develop employee goals and track performance.  Strong traits of top performers become the benchmarks against which employees and future candidates can be compared.

Finding the right people for your job has never been easier because today CRI assessments are available online and take less than an hour to complete. Remove bias, build stronger teams and grow your business with our pioneering approach.

We’re confident you’ll benefit from adding our hiring tools to your toolbox, so contact us to try it free today.