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The Achiever Assessment

Management, supervisory and administrative roles

The Achiever Assessment

The Achiever is an online employment assessment used to evaluate candidates in professional, managerial and administrative roles. The assessment combines mental aptitude, personality traits and validity scoring in one instrument, providing an objective analysis of an individual’s abilities in a given role.

The Achiever takes less than an hour to complete and includes customized report features. Results are available in one business day.

The Achiever Assessment evaluates six mental aptitudes and ten personality dimensions. It is then possible to compare results with candidates who have proven successful in a specific job category. The reports can be used in the selection process, during training, to increase productivity and understand employee job satisfaction. The assessment provides insightful and unbiased data for important employment decisions.

Why Use The Achiever?

Analyzing a person’s mental aptitudes and personality traits is critical if an employer is to fully evaluate the potential of an individual. While research has shown a consistent relationship between occupation or income level and general intelligence, the results of intelligence tests alone do not predict success or failure in an occupation with a great deal of accuracy.

Many other factors contribute to occupational success other than intelligence. Personality assessments, when validated properly, have been shown to effectively predict employment success. However, limiting assessments to an individual’s personality ignores the impact mental aptitudes have on employment success. Thus, measurement for both mental aptitudes and personality traits are needed, and The Achiever provides both in one instrument.

“I would highly recommend The Achiever as a reliable and well-rounded tool to include in your candidate selection process. It provides helpful insights into the intellectual and behavioral aptitude of a candidate and to ensure you hire the right candidate for the right position every time.”
–Ashley Cox, HR professional, SproutHR
Performance Management Feedback
  • Narrative segment explaining each aptitude and personality dimension being assessed for the role, and how the individual scored in each
  • Pictorial analysis comparing the individual’s scores to the desirable benchmarks established for similar non-sales professionals
  • General leadership analysis identifying strengths and areas of opportunity based on 5 key elements of leadership
  • General sales analysis identifying strengths and areas of opportunity based on 11 key elements of selling
  • Customized interview questions that can be used in follow-up interview situations to further validate fit
  • Personal development suggestions based on aptitudes and behaviors required to successfully perform the role

Three Factor Analysis

The 3-Factor Analysis is a proprietary approach that provides greater precision than standard pass/fail systems. We are proud to have been the first to develop and debut this comprehensive, proprietary approach which sets CRI apart from ordinary candidate assessments.


  1. Energy Energy, drive, tension and stress level
  2. Flexibility Integrity, reliability, dependability, work ethic
  3. Organization Personal orientation to plan; utilize time wisely
  4. Communication Innate ability to meet and interact with people
  5. Emotional Development Ego, self-esteem, self-confidence and ability to handle pressure
  6. Assertiveness Strength and determination to get one’s way
  7. Competitiveness Team orientation versus individualistic competitiveness
  8. Mental Toughness Psychological stamina to deal with life and job problem
  9. Questioning/Probing Instinct to question and probe rather than accepting things at face value
  10. Motivation Security-motivated or recognition, incentive and commission oriented


  1. Mental Acuity Learning comprehension, judgment, reasoning & problem solving ability
  2. Memory Recall Knowledge of current events as they relate to the job
  3. Business Terms Knowledge of basic business terms
  4. Vocabulary General English vocabulary skills
  5. Numerical Perception Ability to handle numerically related tasks quickly & accurately
  6. Mechanical Interest Measures interest in the mechanical are
  7. Basic Math Ability to perform simple math functions as may be required on the job


  1. Distortion Frankness of the respondent as related to the statistical validity of the personality dimensions
  2. Equivocation Consistent decision-making of the respondent as it relates to the accuracy of the personality dimensions measured