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The Achiever

Developed for use in assessing candidates in professional, managerial and administrative roles, the Achiever (the first assessment of its kind to combine mental aptitude measurements, personality traits, and validity scoring all in one instrument), provides an objective view into the true abilities and traits of an individual, and measurements critical to success in a business environment.

Resume data is often incomplete, and interviews deliver subjective feedback that can cloud a clear analysis of whether a candidate is likely to succeed. The Achiever provides the clarity you need when making critical hiring decisions.

Achiever Measurements

Performance Management Feedback

The Achiever takes about 50-60 minutes to complete, and includes the following customized report features:

  • Narrative segment explaining each aptitude and personality dimension being assessed for the role, and how the individual scored in each
  • Pictorial analysis comparing the individual’s scores to the desirable benchmarks established for similar non-sales professionals
  • General leadership analysis identifying strengths and areas of opportunity based on 5 key elements of leadership
  • General sales analysis identifying strengths and areas of opportunity based on 11 key elements of selling
  • Customized interview questions that can be used in follow-up interview situations to further validate fit
  • Personal development suggestions based on aptitudes and behaviors required to successfully perform the role

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