The Achiever Assessment

Hire Managers, Supervisors and Administrators

The Achiever Assessment

The Achiever is a pre-employment test designed for professional, managerial and administrative roles. The Achiever is the only workplace assessment on the market to comprehensively evaluate an applicant’s suitability with a multi-factor approach. 

The Achiever measures six mental aptitudes, ten personality dimensions and two validity scales. We are proud to have been the first to develop and debut this proprietary approach, which sets CRI apart from all other employment assessments.

Research shows a relationship between occupation, income level and general intelligence, but success or failure at a job are not determined by intelligence alone. The same is true for personality or any other single variable. The Achiever’s proprietary approach considers all of these measures for a more accurate understanding of your job applicants. 

Clear and unbiased data is critical for workforce decisions. The Achiever assessment’s results are laid out on a stanine bellcurve and compared with successful employees in the target role, establishing a baselines for future employee selection, training and development. 

The Achiever takes less than an hour to complete and includes customized report features. Results available in one business day. Don’t let a lawsuit over hiring practices, workplace discrimination or slumping team morale be the wake up call you need to improve hiring practices. Prioritize your human capital today.

STANINE Bell Curve
Ashley Cox
“I would highly recommend The Achiever as a reliable and well-rounded tool to include in your candidate selection process. It provides helpful insights into the intellectual and behavioral aptitude of a candidate to ensure you hire the right candidate for the right position.”
–Ashley Cox, HR professional, SproutHR