The BestHire Assessment

The BestHire Assessment™

Front line roles in retail

Customers are the focus of your organization. Any employee that interacts with one of your customers has the ability to shape that customers’ perception of your organization either positively or negatively.

The BestHire Assessment™ offers employers a solution for ensuring that entry-level employees who interact with customers, even on a limited basis, possess the personality traits necessary to make the best possible impression on customers. The BestHire™ assesses applicants and employees to determine whether they are dependable workers, and whether they will be a good fit for positions involving customer contact.

The BestHire™ takes about 15 minutes to complete and provides concise, easy to understand results in the form of A (Recommended), B (Acceptable), or C (Questionable) ratings for two key areas:

  1. Dependability Evaluating trustworthiness, reliability and dependability
  2. Basic Job Fit Evaluating an individual’s ability to interact with others, their customer service orientation and overall team spirit