Recruiting Service

Recruiting Service

Flat-Fee Recruiting

Our flat-fee service is a straightforward and inexpensive alternative to the steep percentages charged by other recruiters.

Receive hand-picked candidates for entry-level and executive roles. CRI simplifies employment issues by screening candidates and providing recommendations based on our proprietary multi-factor employment analysis.

Candidate Identification and Interview Process:

1. Employee Application Review
2. Job Qualification Screening
3. The Achiever™ Employment Assessment
4. Phone Interview

Employee Performance Assessments

Research shows a relationship between occupation, income level and general intelligence, but success or failure at a job are not determined by intelligence alone. The same is true for personality or any other single variable. The Achiever™ is a multi-factor assessment, which considers all of these measures for a deeper understanding of job applicants.

CRI screens all candidates with proprietary assessments to simultaneously measure mental aptitudes, personality dimensions, and validity. The Achiever Assessment™ is customized for each job, so you are guaranteed candidates of the highest caliber.

Assessments typically take an hour to complete and results are available in one business day.