Employee Assessment Pioneers

Candidate Resources, Inc.

CRI specializes in recruiting, hiring strategy and pre-employment assessments which establish hiring criteria and simplify personnel decisions.

You know us for The Achiever Assessment, which was the first assessment to measure mental aptitude, job-related personality traits, and validity scales in a single instrument. CRI owns the rights to this unique approach and all similar tests on the market are derivatives of The Achiever.

Finding the right people for your job has never been easier. CRI assessments are available online and only take an hour to complete.

We’re confident you’ll benefit from adding our hiring tools to your toolbox, so contact us to try it free today.


We help companies grow stronger by identifying top talent and optimizing human capital.

Assessments and Recruiting

Core Values

  • Make growth and learning a priority (for ourselves and others)
  • Maintain a “pioneering” mindset and continuously innovate
  • Deliver with a servant’s heart
  • Always aim to surprise and delight
  • Be accessible and willing to jump in wherever needed
  • Be honest, stay objective and get results!


CRI is based in Texas and has been helping companies improve their hiring processes for over 50 years.