CRI Multi-Factor Assessment

Employment Assessment Pioneers

CRI helps business leaders improve hiring with clear, actionable results about each candidate. CRI pre employment assessments feature a unique, proprietary advantage which puts CRI above all other workplace aptitude tests.

The Achiever Assessment™ was the first workplace assessment to combine mental and personality factors in a single instrument. This unique, multi-factor approach yields deeper insight into each candidate’s likelihood of success. 

CRI assessments are available online and only take an hour to complete. Contact us to try it today.


We help companies identify top talent and optimize human capital.

Assessments and Recruiting

Core Values

  • Prioritize growth and learning
  • Develop a pioneering mindset to continuously innovate
  • Deliver with a servant’s heart
  • Aim to surprise and delight
  • Be accessible and flexible
  • Be honest, stay objective, and get results


CRI is based in Texas and has been improving hiring processes for over 50 years.