Custom hiring assessments for every need

The Achiever AssessmentThe Achiever™

The most comprehensive assessment to identify and evaluate top managers, supervisors, and administrators.

The Sales Achiever™

This assessment identifies and evaluates the skills and aptitudes required by top sales candidates.

The Executive Achiever™

Identify the best fit for your organization’s C-level and executive positions.

The Performer™

Hire quickly for production, distribution, and customer service roles.

The Guardian™

Hire for technological roles easily.

The BestHire™

Simplify hiring for your retail roles.

Assessments include:

1. Candidate scores and details

2. Areas of concern

3. Benchmark range for ideal candidate

4. Assessment and summary of the candidate’s leadership traits

5. Suggested interview questions to probe the candidate with follow-ups and response interpretations

6. Development suggestions for the candidate and steps to effect positive change

7. Candidate Management Summary with full profile and recommendations

Management summary

Clients receive a Management Summary for each candidate with an analysis of their scores. This summary contains an overall recommendation as to the candidate’s fit for the role alongside specific strengths and weaknesses that were identified.

In addition, The Achiever Assessment™ discusses each of the 6 mental aptitudes and 10 behavioral traits measured and how the candidate’s scores relate to job performance. Included in the report are interview questions which are designed to enhance your hiring process.

sales achiever assessment

What is measured?

CRI Pre Employment Assessments feature a patented approach which evaluates mental aptitude, personality traits, and validity in one instrument. Standard intelligence or personality tests do not provide enough information to predict job performance. CRI assessments measure more factors and demonstrate how they relate, which offers a complete understanding of each candidate.
Below is a detailed breakdown of each factor and examples from assessment feedback.

6 Mental Aptitudes

Mental Acuity 

Memory Recall 

Business Terms 


Numerical Perception 

Mechanical Interest

Basic Math 

10 Personality Dimensions





Emotional Development 



Mental Toughness 



2 Validity Scales



How do we get started?

Simply visit our Contact page and fill in your details to receive a trial assessment link.

  • Send the link to a candidate for a trial evaluation.
  • The candidate receives instructions, then completes each test section.
  • Results, including interpretive guidance, are sent to you in one business day.

Multi-Factor Assessment

  • 6 Mental Aptitudes
  • 10 Personality Dimensions
  • 2 Validity Scales