The Achiever Assessment

The Achiever Assessment™

All tests are not created equal

Identify top managers, supervisors, and administrators

The Achiever Assessment™ is a pre employment test designed for professional, managerial, and administrative roles. The Achiever™ is the only assessment on the market to evaluate an applicant’s suitability for a specific job based on multiple factors. 

The Achiever Assessment™ takes less than an hour to complete and results are available in one business day. The final report is customized to the job’s requirements and compared to thousands of previous candidates.

sales achiever assessment

Multi-factor assessment

Analyzing multiple traits at once yields deeper insight than standard, single-factor tests. This approach sets CRI apart from all other candidate assessment providers.

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Assessment factors


6 Mental Aptitudes

10 Personality Dimensions

2 Validity Scales

Validity Analysis from The Achiever Assessment
Mental Aptitude from The Achiever Assessment
Sales Vocabulary Analysis from The Achiever Assessment

Why test?

Success or failure at a job are not determined by a single factor. CRI measures multiple factors simultaneously for a deeper understanding of each candidate. Hiring assessments help prevent workplace discrimination lawsuits and company stagnation by providing better understanding of your workforce.

The Achiever Assessment’s™ results are easy to understand. Each candidate’s results are compared to successful employees in the target role. The results establish a baseline for evaluating and training future employees. 

“I would highly recommend The Achiever as a reliable and well-rounded tool to include in your candidate selection process. It provides helpful insights into the intellectual and behavioral aptitude of a candidate to ensure you hire the right candidate for the right position.”

–Ashley Cox, HR professional