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Review: The Achiever hiring assessment

As part of our effort to maintain professional HR services, we asked SproutHR owner, Ashley Cox, to review The Achiever Assessment.

“The Achiever Assessment is a fantastic tool to include in your interviewing process. It aids you in determining whether a candidate will be a good fit by assessing their mental aptitude, various personality dimensions and the validity of their responses. There are many benefits of this tool and process, which I have outlined below.”

Ashley Cox, PHR, SHRM-CP

Quick and easy

“The assessment was easy to understand, set up and get started using right away. CRI makes the process very simple and straightforward. There’s no lag time in trying to learn a new system or tool. CRI provides you with all the information you need, in a simple one-page document to share with your candidate. The candidate instructions are simple and easy to follow and your candidate will be taking the assessment in just a few brief minutes.”  

Two assessments in one

“Since The Achiever Assessment measures both mental aptitude and personality dimensions for a candidate, you save time and money by reducing the need to leverage different tools and vendors for a well-rounded assessment of your candidate. Plus, you can rest assured that you will receive the same high-quality results, since it’s all from the same company.”

Accurate and reliable

STANINE Bell Curve“The data provided in the detailed Achiever Results, Management Summary and the ScoreSheet are very accurate and reliable. I have taken the assessment myself as well as reviewed my own report and I can say confidently that it is 90% accurate or better. In the areas where I didn’t feel the report accurately reflected my mental aptitude or personality, I believe those are areas where I’ve developed myself through the years and could easily be reviewed in more detail using the behavioral-based interview questions provided along with your report from CRI. Overall, I felt the assessment was a strong indication of how I would perform in a similar role based on my own results and feel the same level of confidence for using the assessment with candidates.”

Unbiased and objective

“The Achiever Assessment provides a completely unbiased and objective look at a candidate, which is essential during the interview process. With traditional interviews, there is always an underlying bias with interviewers, whether or not it is perceived or intended. By using this assessment, hiring managers get the opportunity to learn more about a candidate without any personal biases or subjective thoughts, allowing them to make better hiring decisions based on their needs and the suitability of the candidate.”

Results are simple to interpret

“The detailed Achiever Assessment results are very simple to understand and interpret. All the information you will need is provided at the same time you receive the detailed report. I highly recommend reading the Management Summary first before diving into the detailed results, as this will make it easier to interpret overall. The detailed report provides more information into each mental aptitude and personality dimension that was measured. The candidate’s results are visually represented on a numerical scale, which makes it easy to read and interpret at a glance.”

Mental Aptitude from The Achiever Assessment

Interview questions

“At the end of The Achiever Assessment, you will receive a list of behavior-based interview questions to assist you in learning more about the candidate’s results that were not ideal. This makes it easy to move forward with the next interview and know exactly what you need to follow up on with each candidate to ensure they’re a great fit for both the position, as well as the company. It takes the guesswork out of the process and provides you with an unbiased set of questions to learn as much about the candidate as possible, while maintaining a fair process for all candidates.”

The Management Summary

“The Management Summary is an excellent one page overview of the assessment results. It takes all the data provided in the assessment and explains it in a simple, yet impactful way. You can easily visualize the candidate in the role and whether or not they’ll be a good fit. The Management Summary highlights the candidate’s strengths and how those will play out in the role they’re being consider for, as well as their weaknesses. When reviewing the weaknesses, the Management Summary does an excellent job of indicating whether this will be prohibitive in the role or if it’s something the candidate could be coached on or aided with in some way.”

The ScoreSheet

“The ScoreSheet is a great way to get a quick overall look at how a candidate stacks up to the competition based on CRI’s benchmarking analysis. You can quickly and easily see whether a candidate will be suitable in a position by referencing the brackets on the ScoreSheet, which highlight the desirable range for an individual to score in each area. You can also see which areas the candidate falls outside of that range and use the detailed report to look into those areas further, to get a clear picture of the candidate’s abilities and opportunities for improvement.”

Recommendations for use

“I would highly recommend The Achiever Assessment to any business who has been struggling to hire the right people for the right jobs and is tired of wasting time and money. This tool can easily be integrated with your current interviewing process and will aid you in making better, more strategic, and data-based hiring decisions”

Ashley Cox, PHR, SHRM-CP
Owner, Consultant at SproutHR
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We are proud to receive Ms. Cox’ endorsement of our hiring assessment and HR services.
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