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Culture Audit

To engage and retain the best takes a strong, high-performing culture, where people feel inspired, challenged and energized by their work. The implications of neglecting this critical component of business can’t be overstated enough.

What can a strong culture do for you?

Culture can quadruple revenues and job creation:

A recent landmark study found that companies with strong cultures achieve revenue growth of 4x, employment growth of almost 8x, and profit growth of over 750x versus companies that don’t have strong cultures.

Culture gives you a permanent competitive advantage:

A culture that encourages employees to discover new ideas, be their personal best, and makes them feel like their contributions really matter, will cultivate brand champions from the inside out and consistently achieve outstanding results. That’s something money can’t buy.

At CRI, we don’t just help you attract and develop the best, we want to help you inspire employees and retain top talent for years to come.  

As a critical first step, and to get a pulse on where your organization currently stands, CRI offers culture-auditing services, utilizing “The Engager” Assessment to identify current strengths and areas of opportunity across 6 well-known engagement drivers.

Key Engagement Drivers for Engaged & Inspired Employees

  • Trust in Leadership
  • Meaningful Work
  • Vision & Values
  • Reward & Recognition
  • Positive Work Environment
  • Growth & Learning Opportunity

Benefits of The Engager

  • Identify where your company stands on employee commitment, pride, motivation and engagement, using proven engagement barometers
  • Gauge satisfaction/loyalty and current attitudes and perceptions about your organization, management and its performance
  • Establish a benchmark, so you know where to focus and can gauge progress over time
  • Give employees a voice, and an opportunity to share thoughts and feelings about your organization and management in a safe and confidential environment
  • Send message that you care about creating a great work environment and are committed to improvement

Set the pulse of company culture with inspired teams.