The Executive Achiever Assessment

Executive Achiever Assessment™

C Suite and Executive roles

Leadership competencies can be direct predictors of long-term success on the job.  These issues are very difficult to ascertain through standard means.

The Executive Achiever Assessment Testanalyzes candidates’ mental aptitudes and behaviors which are essential to senior roles. Results are interpreted based on your organization’s objectives and compared to data from executives who have demonstrated success in similar positions. This reduces the chance of making costly errors, hastens the candidate search, and ensures compatibility with your current team.

The Executive Achiever takes 60 minutes to complete and includes the following report features:

  • Narrative Segment Explains each aptitude and personality dimension
  • Pictorial Analysis Compares the individual’s scores to the desirable benchmarks
  • Leadership Knowledge Score Sheet Identifies strengths and areas of opportunity as it relates to an individual’s knowledge in 7 leadership areas
  • Management Competencies Score Sheet Identifies an individual’s competency in 7 management areas
  • Customized Interview Questions For use in follow-up interview situations
  • Personal Development Suggestions Based on aptitudes and behaviors required to perform in a leadership role

Multi-Factor Assessment

The Executive Achiever™ guarantees deeper insight than standard tests due to its analysis of multiple factors, a proprietary advantage which sets CRI apart from all other assessment organizations.

  • 6 Mental Aptitudes
  • 10 Personality Dimensions
  • 2 Validity Scales

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