Recruiting the Future

A New Era of Job Recruitment

Online tools have been expanding worldviews and bolstering businesses for decades. Now it’s time to fully recognize how they also shape our companies’ human capital, starting with our hiring processes.

Nowhere is this clearer than the results of LinkedIn’s 2018 Global Recruiting Trends report. It reveals the top four influences on the ways—and the “why’s”—of how we need to hire.

New Voices and Viewpoints

Diversify! According to Maria Ignatova, author of the recap of LinkedIn’s study, there is “growing evidence that diverse teams are more productive, more innovative, and more engaged”.

Teams that feature a wide variety of voices are more likely to grasp all angles of a project or problem. Building such a balanced organization may seem difficult—if you only use the same recruiting services over and over.

Outsourcing HR services can ensure you’re not repeatedly fishing from the same small candidate pool. Partnering with an HR services concierge can greatly expand your reach, leading to more diversity across the company.

Online Data-ing

“Our research shows that most recruiters and hiring managers use data in their work now,” writes Ignatova, “and even more are likely to use it in the next two years.” Businesses have used data to track employee performance reviews for years, but only recently has it been possible to use it to predict hiring outcomes.

There’s no denying the power of data. While references and resumes are important during hiring assessments, the numbers should never be overlooked. Implementing pre employment tests can get you the scoop on how an employee may measure up, before they begin working for you.

Reinventing the Interview

“It’s hard to evaluate grit in a candidate or spot disorganization simply by having a chat,” Ignatova points out. Bias and charisma can often cloud one’s judgment. Even determining the right questions for different roles can be difficult.

It’s time to exit the world of intimidating, inaccurate interviews. New tools—such as pre employment personality assessments and employment assessment tests—empower companies to select the best candidates based on facts. Thanks to all-in-one assessments that determine mathematical skills, interpersonal traits, mental hardiness, and more, gone is the guesswork of yesterday.

We’re Here to Help

As your business enters this new hiring era, rest assured that CRI is already right there, ready to assist. CRI offers recruiting services to help you find top talent, gather data, and benefit from the insights provided by pre employment assessments.

We’re here to help you make the right hire, every time. Contact us to start recruiting the future today!