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CRI offers a flat-fee solution for attracting and screening great candidates for employers with job openings to fill.

We expedite the hiring process for mid-management, sales and administrative roles in four steps:

  1. Employee application and resumé review
  2. Job qualification pre-screening
  3. The Achiever Assessment
  4. Telephone Interview

Those candidates who have the minimum qualifications and whose assessment results indicate a good fit for the job requirements are further screened through a telephone interview. Candidates who satisfactorily meet all three screening elements are referred to the employer for consideration.

There is no additional fee when candidates are hired. CRI’s fee structure is a fraction of the 25% to 35% of the first year’s compensation that recruiters normally charge and is an outstanding value for employers.

Each of our assessments offers unique insight into the candidate selection process and is ready to be customized to your needs. Contact us today to learn more!