4 Ways to Choose the Right Hiring Assessment

Businesses across every industry are struggling to attract and maintain the necessary talent. This presents a new challenge for business owners: finding the right hiring assessment. Recent studies suggest that around 60% of companies leverage a pre-hiring assessment to uncover prospective candidates. 

Using the right hiring assessment can lead to more efficient hiring procedures and lower talent acquisition costs, making it important to understand how to evaluate potential assessment resources. 

Analyze the Vision

Selecting the right hiring assessment relies on your goals. Why do you want to assess candidates? Is it to select better employees or because other companies are doing it? Be clear on why investing in a hiring assessment is the move for your business. This will help you find a resource that aligns with your goals. 

The specific objective your business looks to achieve should be granular since each assessment can vary on its primary purpose. Some common factors to consider include analyzing staff retention, understanding early hire failure rates, and comprehending absenteeism in the workplace. Once you have determined a clear objective, you can begin your search for the right assessment. 

Assess the Validity

Assessing the validity can help you determine the ability of the resource to give you insightful information and data. Employers traditionally rely on lower predictive measures, such as job interviews and reference checks. However, assessments that provide higher validity, like multi-measurements and mental ability tests, allow employers to have a more robust measure of future performance. 

Candidates are likely to place themselves in the best light and tell employers what they want to hear. Without assessments that analyze actual attributes and abilities, HR is left to base its hiring decisions on potentially unreliable information. The validity and scope that the assessment provides can help you choose the right one. 

Complete Verification

After you’ve outlined your goals and the validity of each prospective assessment, you need to sift through thousands of potential vendors. The assessment market is competitive with vendors bashing other companies and outlining extensive data based on little information. This can make it hard to verify the results and efficiency of different assessments. 

In order to be useful, assessments that predict mental ability need to include an abundance of data to accurately predict results. Limited studies with a few hundred people won’t lead to accurate results that your business can rely on. Verifying the data working in the background of prospective vendors is vital to make the right decision for your business.  

Understand the Value

The last step in choosing the right assessment is to weigh the value of each option. From extensive testing to cost-effectiveness, vendors will drive their value proposition. Analyze the value that each option will bring to your business to make the right choice for your needs. 


Choosing the right employee assessment can not only lead to stronger hiring decisions, but can also give you access to added insight into the longevity of prospective employees. CRI provides businesses with a one-stop solution for employee screening assessments. 

From dozens of positive customer testimonials to extensive data working in the background, the assessments by CRI can aid in hiring and team management in your business. For more information, reach out to a team member today. 

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