Fostering Mentorship in HR

A Journey of Growth

Sometimes navigating your career path can feel like an epic tale. The ups, downs, and turnarounds along the way may range from exciting to downright frustrating.

Think of the protagonists in films such as Million Dollar Baby, Lord of the Rings, and The Hunger Games. Like an employee working for a promotion, they all face a multitude of obstacles on the way to their goals.

A crucial aspect shared by these stories is that of a mentor for the main character. Rising up to their journey’s challenges would not be possible without the help and perspective of a seasoned advisor.

Implementing mentorships in the modern workplace is just as important. In fact, like a dynamic duo saving the day, it can benefit your entire company.

Consider the thoughts of Amanda Tummons, a partner at Husch Blackwell LLP, named as one of the Springfield Business Journal’s Most Influential Women of 2017.

“When I first started my career, I thought about a mentor as someone who would show me the ropes of my job, help me navigate the politics of my current employer and things of that nature,” says Tummons. “While that is true, the definition of a mentor is broader. A mentor can be someone who helps someone not just navigate a job but also live life to the fullest while juggling a career.”

The process of structuring mentorships, then, isn’t just based on seniority, but also how positively two people can benefit from each other. The mentored colleague is able to gain business insight, strengthen their confidence, and receive encouragement through trying times. For example, where would April Ludgate be without Leslie Knope?

All the while, the mentor can sharpen their communication and leadership skills. As often seen in pop culture, having an apprentice can rejuvenate a long term professional. It’s a great opportunity to give back, and reflect on their own trajectory over the years.

“I hope to provide the same sense of possibility, encouragement, and support that has been provided to me,” Tummons explains. “I want to pay it forward.”

From an HR standpoint, selecting the right combination of coworkers to start a mentorship can seem overwhelming. That’s where CRI comes in. Our assessments strengthen performance reviews by enabling you to clearly see where an employee stands in their career path—as well as the strengths they could share with less tenured employees.

These assessments are sure to help you prioritize your industry’s most important asset—human capital. Such professional development insights didn’t just spring up overnight, after all. CRI has over 5 decades of experience in assessing employee engagement.

We believe so strongly in our service, we’re offering a complimentary consultation to qualifying businesses. For even though it’s fun to find inspiration in fictional mentorships, that will only take you (and your business) so far.

Contact us today to chat more about building strong mentorships within your business!