Recruiting Standards

Employing the appropriate criteria to build and assemble a competent team is pivotal for the success of any company. In situations where top-tier talent is scarce, astute employers recognize the importance of retaining their existing workforce. Retaining valuable employees often involves implementing higher salary structures, inventive incentives, and other forms of positive acknowledgment.

When seeking new professionals, employers commonly rely on the following benchmarks: education, experience, seniority, and skills. In conventional hiring practices, these criteria favor applicants with substantial experience in the relevant field. However, in a sparse job market, employees are more inclined to stick with their current employers, resulting in a limited candidate pool for companies seeking to hire. Consequently, placing heavy emphasis on an applicant’s experience may be challenging. Instead, evaluating the job seeker’s aptitude, behavior, and capability to excel without extensive prior experience becomes more crucial.

CRI advocates for establishing job standards based on at least one of the following:

  • The people currently successful in the position
  • An aggregated industry database available to clients of CRI
  • The job description itself

Utilizing these factors shifts the focus of hiring decisions towards the applicant’s aptitude and ability rather than relying solely on their experience. This approach broadens the pool of potential applicants, resulting in a higher yield of successful professionals. From extensive research, CRI has gathered examples from numerous employers who have observed that individuals selected based on these characteristics, instead of experience alone, thrive in their respective roles.

Your organization’s foundation rests on these strategic decisions, and we are here to provide you with unparalleled insights into your candidates. Reach out to us to discover more!

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