The Weakness of Employee Screening Software

Search for resume screening software and you’ll mostly get articles which reveal how to beat the screening software. You’ll be left interviewing candidates who used the right keywords, but may not be the right ones for the job. In any case, you’ll spend a lot of time with unqualified candidates.

Thinning the herd in this way can feel like progress because the pool of applicants shrinks, but this is a waste of time and only the illusion of advancement. To make the best hires you need to spend the most time on the best candidates, not the worst. Simple resume screening removes candidates without actually getting any closer to identifying the best candidates for you.

Your candidates aren’t one dimensional. Your hiring process shouldn’t be either.

A list of keywords governed by an algorithm can’t provide the precision needed for screening. Multi-factor candidate assessment is scientifically proven to be the most reliable predictor of employee success. 

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In order to make a decision between top candidates, you need to understand them. That means spending time with them. It’s possible to identify the right candidates sooner with the deep qualitative results of multi-factor assessment. CRI assessments are fast, reliable, and identify candidates who truly have the skills you’re looking for.

Getting started is as easy as sending your candidate an assessment link. Apply for your trial assessment link today.

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