HR Tip: Adaptive Employees Help Companies Grow

With technology constantly evolving and improving, it is essential that employers stay ahead of the game. Even with the latest software, protocols, languages, and platforms, if companies become complacent they will be left behind by competitors who are constantly striving to improve the functions of their organization. Hiring the right types of individuals who will push for this type of growth and innovation in the workplace is critical.

The Achiever Assessment measures ten behavioral dimensions, two of which can help determine whether a future employee has what it takes to succeed in an evolving work environment. First, people who adapt to changes tend to be more creative and flexible, giving them the skills needed to consistently look for ways to improve current procedures or improve practices. Individuals who are motivated best through growth and progress in the workplace would also be ideal for these positions since it allows them to evolve with the company. These two traits are able to determine who has what it takes to be innovative and take the initiative to help keep your organization at the forefront of your industry.

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