Employee Engagement Makes the Difference

A Winning Mentality

“Football is football and talent is talent. But the mindset of your team makes all the difference.”

This quote from NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III is a great reminder as we begin the business year’s third quarter—and football season, of course.

Employee engagement is shown to be more important to a company’s success than ever. Its effects can make a daily difference in productivity and retention—leading to a true edge over the competition as well.

Picture two football teams going head to head. As Griffin implied, individual talent plays a huge role. But who do you think will usually perform better—players committed to their coach and one another, or those who view the game as “just a job”?

Tackling Employee Engagement

A recent study shows that employees who do not feel connected with their company are up to 10 times more likely to underperform. What does that look like? Well, on the football field, we’re talking dropped passes, less yardage, and grumblings during huddles.

For your business, according to the study, this is likely to mean 12 percent lower profits and 28 percent lower earnings per share. It can all add up to a season with more L’s than W’s.

CRI has a record-breaking history of helping companies curb this problem before it begins. For over five decades, we’ve prioritized businesses’ human capital through professional development and employee engagement practices.

Building The Dream Team

It’s no surprise that the longer football players practice together, the better they become. In the business world, high employee retention rates also increase productivity and reliable relationships.

CRI’s culture audit can help you better attract top talent, and build a rich work environment. This encourages employee loyalty and fulfillment.

Our assessment identifies your company’s standings on employee commitment, pride, and motivation. It also ranks job satisfaction and insightful perceptions about your overall organization.

These steps create a benchmark with which you can gauge your team’s process. Just as importantly, it gives employees an opportunity to have their voices heard.

Passing The Competition

When your employees feel valued and work as one, everyone wins. Everyone, that is, except the competition.

Picture it: Lower employee turnover rates. Higher achievement rewards. A happier, more harmonious team. The resources usually spent on hiring and training rookies can now be funneled into sharpening your existing employees’ skills.

It will only get harder and harder for others to compete against your all-star team.

Huddle up with CRI today to learn more about our in-depth employee engagement studies and culture audits. Our stats could change the game for your company.