Environmentalism Boosts Business

An Ethical Approach

“People, Planet, and Profit.” This slogan represents the priorities of many modern businesses. Coined in 1994 by John Elkington, founder of consultancy firm SustainAbility, it continues to remind companies to think of their TBL—Triple Bottom Line.

The first bottom line refers to the traditional measure of corporate profit—the monetary profit and loss account. The second one focuses on people, and the overall social responsibility of a company. Finally, the third is the bottom line of how environmentally friendly the company has been.

Honoring these values has proven to benefit businesses in a multitude of ways, but starting the process can be confusing. That’s why CRI is dedicated to helping hone a work culture that assists both humans and nature. The two first steps are hiring people who share a similar work ethic, and supporting them as they fight the good fight.

Save Time, Save the Earth

CRI’s candidate assessments are as balanced and thorough as they come. For example, if you’re looking to hire a Marketing Director to promote your environmentalist efforts, you may consider The BestHire. It helps reveal a candidate’s ability to work with—and read—the public, a key component in today’s social media-driven world. On the other hand, if you need a new bookkeeper to hold the firm accountable for resource usage, such as paper, The Guardian might be your best bet.

As you aim to shrink your environmental footprint, so too can you prevent wasting your company’s HR resources. By using industry benchmarks in our employee selection process, CRI takes the guesswork out of hiring the strongest candidates for your earth-friendly endeavors.

Sustainable Growth

Once you have an environmentally-conscious team at your company’s helm, your business is set to help protect the planet while still seeing financial profits. But staying on such an eco-friendly course will involve encouraging the focus and fulfillment of those employees.

CRI offers culture audits to gauge employee engagement at every level. When colleagues fuse together for a common cause, there’s no end to the good they can do—for both the business, and the bigger picture.

Just as scientists test chemical levels to ensure our tap water is potable, CRI can help you keep your company’s climate healthy. We offer professional development insight so your workers stay positively challenged and properly rewarded.

Like giving plants sunshine and water to survive, CRI will pinpoint what you can provide your employees so they thrive. When you show that you value your human capital, you set an example of caring for ecology as well.

Contact CRI today to find out more ways we can help your business help the environment!