One Change for Better Hires

Switching from a Single Measure Test

Hiring needs to always be improving. That’s how companies grow.

“For years we were using a popular pre-employment test to filter candidates. All the candidates were qualified, but we were seeing high turnover.”

While you may have an employee who has a high level of intelligence, that person may also have a low level of integrity. Hence, a very smart, counterproductive employee is a very bad combination.

“What was missing was an understanding of our applicants’ behavioral traits in addition to their intelligence.”

The key is understanding both.

The Achiever Assessment measures mental aptitude in addition to critical traits for success, like leadership, interpersonal skills, teamwork, empathy, integrity, etc. All in one instrument. It is the first and only to do so.

“When the results came back from our trial assessment we could see the benefit immediately. It was really clear information and covered everything we’d been missing.”

Results that guarantee positive change.

The Achiever Assessment indicates if a person is best suited for a bonus-driven, commission-based position, or if the security of steady pay and hours motivates them more. This way, the company can reward team members in ways that actually impact their workflow, benefitting the entire business. Once the personality test has identified how to maximize motivation, monitoring employee performance becomes more positive and straightforward.

“In our experience, it doesn’t ‘predict’ whether an employee will succeed. But is a reliable tool that helps us objectively improve the fit, ongoing success and satisfaction of a qualified hire.”

Employers use the Achiever Assessment to set a minimum standard for the hiring process. They also use it to inform decisions about career growth, salary and employee benefits.

It can even provide protection in some cases of workplace litigation.

“Honestly? I wish all companies would issue this test. Many professionals will never have such a clear look at their skill set.”

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