Pick up the phone

Business communications have changed significantly over the past year as organizations scramble to adjust to working remotely with employees and clients. While many have become accustomed to texting and online chats prior to the pandemic, clients often must be contacted directly to make real progress. Speaking directly with clients for sales or customer support often clarifies complex details and moves negotiations forward more smoothly. Many employees avoid simple phone calls, in favor of electronic communication, which often leads to back-and-forth messaging that is tiresome and easily ignored. 

Avoiding the phone in favor of email can hurt business, hinder problem solving, and delay projects. Video conferencing suffers from a similar drawback when struggling to schedule an ideal meeting time for all participants. While many younger employees believe that digital communication methods are more efficient, experienced workers understand that “you choose the right tool for the job.” 

Employers must address the erosion of direct communication skills within the workforce. Many employees are not confident in their ability to communicate effectively over the phone. Even mild insecurity and anxiety can cause delays and misunderstandings. Employees must be confident in their ability to express themselves effectively on the phone. 

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To help overcome this challenge, hire employees with characteristics suited to their role’s requirements. Identify those with the confidence, assertiveness, and mental toughness to simply pick up the phone–especially when hiring for sales or other client-facing positions. The Achiever Assessment measures a candidate’s ability to effectively express their thoughts and ideas as well as how outgoing they are by revealing their comfort in doing so, further displaying whether they have the psychological stamina necessary to put in the time on the phone to build and solidify rapport with clients and prospects.

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