HR Tip: Stress in the Workplace

According to the American Institute of Stress, “job stress is far and away the major source of stress for American adults and that it has escalated progressively over the past few decades.”  An Integra Survey reported that many professionals consider stress a manageable, although unpleasant part of life. However, the stress can be detrimental. Scientists explain it like this: the more helpless one feels when facing a given stressor, the more toxic that stressor’s effects. Therefore, it is important that your employees have the ability to deal with stress and pressure and funnel their internal drive and motivation into production. This is especially true in the current environment of remote work where additional demands and distractions provide additional stressors.

Knowing whether your employees and new hires have the personality to handle stress effectively is crucial.  The Achiever assessment measures internal stress and energy levels and the results demonstrate whether a candidate or employee is restless or calm, or a balance between the two extremes, and how these traits impact the person’s ability to cope with stress. By knowing these tendencies, your organization can help first-line supervisors better manage and mitigate tasks and utilize the strength of your workforce. For instance, if a candidate or employee demonstrates high internal energy and stress levels, they will require accommodations to help mitigate stress when remote work does not allow them opportunities to relieve their tension.  Calm, relaxed individuals are likely to handle the stress of current circumstances better.  However, the job requirements will also dictate the relative energy levels needed for each role, so a balance between job demands and stress mitigation should be found. 

Objective resources can help guide your workforce and utilize the skills of each person to grow your business, client base, and profitability. For more information on The Achiever assessment and how it can help your organization hire the best possible people, contact us by email or via social media by following the links below.