Benchmarking Unlocks Potential

“You had one job!”

You know work mistakes are far too common when this funny phrase becomes a meme.

In actuality, of course, the statement’s implication is rarely accurate. Gone are the days of professionals simply going to work, meeting a quota, then returning home.

Technological advances, social media saturation, and increased competition certainly push companies to up their game—but they complicate things, too. For example, the internet has given us endless tools for development, but if misused, productivity is the first to suffer. (Who here hasn’t accidentally gone down a YouTube rabbit hole at some point?)

There are better ways to make sure employees are staying on track than monitoring their online accounts, thankfully. CRI’s Performance Management tools can help each individual—and the company at large—reach their daily and long-term goals.

How Much Can You Benchmark?

All of CRI’s assessments provide the benefit of benchmarking your employees’ results. And no need to worry about confusing findings: each assessment creates a graphical depiction of how every score measures up. (Don’t worry; they’re more helpful than this.) Top performers’ data is used to reveal an employee’s strengths, and areas of necessary improvement.

Once benchmarks have been made for your business, you’re ready to explore the best role for every individual.

Putting The Pieces Together

Taking personality traits into consideration is important for every job. For example, despite their differences—or maybe even because of them—introverts and extroverts actually work really well together. You wouldn’t, however, want an introvert to get burnt out by greeting customers all day. On the flip side, sequestering an extrovert in an isolated role could be a waste of their people-person talents.

Is your employee always frank, or more of a people pleaser? Do they thrive in a role requiring consistent output, or enjoy a fast-paced position? Studies continue to show that understanding each employee’s aptitudes helps keep a company a well-oiled machine.

Trustworthy and Time-Tested

And CRI should know—we’ve pioneered personality assessments since 1956. We understand the core talent needs of businesses, and their case-by-case complexities alike.

As in any business relationship, it’s not enough to simply review the data gathered about an employee. Applying the data makes it count. After benchmarking has been completed, CRI can offer and help implement steps to effect actual change. Our tools lead to recommendations for promotions, transfers, and productivity plans.

Invaluable, objective and much more accurate than any of those online quizzes. CRI’s decades of experience offer the benefits of time-tested results, while keeping up with the demands of today’s businesses.

Contact us today to start on the path of performance management optimization!