CRI Urges: Invest in Human Capital

A Team Effort

It takes a village to raise a child, but what about a business? In recent years, there’s been much debate about the area businesses should focus on first in order to rise up in this competitive world.

Research shows it’s actually not data, technology, or even intellectual property, according to the Harvard Business School (and let’s face it, it’s hard to argue with them):

“The most valuable part of your company is the people—the human capital—and any plans to move your business forward have to start there.”

The global economy is even starting to shift as more and more companies recognize the value of of this investment. The market for human capital management software is booming, as organizations look to optimize workforce acquisition and monitor performance reviews.

To help your business run smoothly, the investment in human capital cannot be overstated. Picture it like a small town being built from the ground up. Without developing safety infrastructures and creating accessible schools —well, before too long, you may find yourself with a ghost town on your hands. All the buildings may still stand, but they’ll be of no use without people around.

Similarly, if you focus on the highest of high-tech gadgets, but fail to find and train people best fit for the job, those tools can hardly keep your business afloat. You may access all the data in the world, but without analytic professionals who feel confident and fulfilled in their roles, it will simply sit idly inside your computers.

With decades of experience in hiring assessments and professional development, CRI knows the value of investing in people. We can help ensure your business is sturdy top to bottom, from new recruits to long-term managers.

Any time a position opens within your organization, set yourself up for success with our large offering of candidate assessments. Our hiring tools assess both mental and personality measurements against industry benchmarks. This means you’ll not only know how well a candidate would fit within your office’s culture, but where their skills land compared to national averages.

Ongoing Development After Hiring

After the initial journey from candidate to employee, there should always be room to grow. CRI also specializes in employee benchmarks and professional development. It’s difficult to give proper guidance when there’s guesswork about their current skills and level of job satisfaction. Thankfully, our tools identify an employee’s strengths, as well as possible areas of improvement.

Just as a small-town community needs safety checks and annual elections to stay in shape, you should regularly invest in your human capital so no employee feels unappreciated or overwhelmed. Utilizing CRI’s job-specific assessments and culture audits helps you see how employees are feeling about your business and their own role within it.

As San Fernando Mayor Edwin Santiago recently said, “Human capital investment is built to last. For me, it is the real resource that can be used not only by this generation but for the succeeding generations to come.”

Raise your business right with the help of CRI. Contact us today to learn more!