HR Tip: Engaged Employees

The importance of engagement

Engaged employees tend to be individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and ability to perform their job effectively and reach their full potential. They are typically confident individuals who believe they are in control of their own success and that rewards of their work efforts can come in the form of recognition, a raise, or promotion. Highly engaged employees are those who do not simply work every day for a paycheck, but rather invest in the company and contribute to the success and growth of the organization. Therefore, it is beneficial to determine if an individual is likely to be an engaged employee based on their mental ability and personality.

By doing so, your organization may be able to reduce turnover rates and increase production, profits, and the overall morale of the organization. 

In order to ascertain such information, there are several areas that need to be examined. First, does the individual have the knowledge and mental capacity to handle the requirements of the position? Next, do they possess a strong work ethic? Are they driven, motivated individuals who strive for success and can make decisions with the company’s interest in mind? These are key factors typically found in individuals who desire positions that offer a sense of accomplishment, contribution and recognition for their work efforts.

CRI’s Achiever family of assessments measure mental abilities and behavioral dimensions that can help managers determine whether someone has the propensity to be an engaged employee.

For more information about The Achiever assessment family, please visit Employee Assessment Overview page.