Managers vs. Leaders

With the evolution of our current economy and workforce, companies are discovering that there is a significant difference between good managers and good leaders. This differentiation can either empower your employees to strive for higher levels of success or cause them to simply ‘go through the motions’ of their workday. While managers and leaders certainly encompass some of the same qualities, such as the ability to delegate tasks, there are other significant differences between the two. For instance, while managers tend to focus on structure, procedures, and managing work, leaders will engage and invest in their employees and look for creative ways to improve the overall work environment.

As a result, when looking to hire productive, effective leaders it’s important to look for people that exhibit not only the management skills needed to perform but also strong leadership qualities. One of the easiest ways to do that is by utilizing the Achiever assessment which helps measure whether a person has the motivation, ego, assertiveness, and psychological toughness necessary to handle the demands of a supervisory role while also encouraging employees to strive for higher levels of success. Effective leaders tend to creatively push their workforce to improve and work to increase the bottom line by consulting with employees to implement the most beneficial strategy for the department or team, which is crucial in helping take your company to the next level.

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