#TeamBuilder: AJ Dent

REVIEW: The Achiever in small business

As part of our effort to maintain professional HR services, we asked small business owner, AJ Dent, to review The Achiever Assessment.

“It’s difficult to imagine how The Achiever Assessment wouldn’t help a company succeed; it’s clear, efficient and honest.”

–AJ Dent
Owner, DigitalAJ

My Assessment Concerns

Before starting the employee assessment myself, I was nervous. I worried it would take forever, deliver generic data and not be worth the time. How would this be different than any other test that reveals nothing of value from a candidate?   

I was relieved to find that The Achiever was challenging, but not frustrating. It made me flex my vocabulary muscles and tap into long-forgotten math skills. The questions that stumped me didn’t make me feel foolish, but highlighted areas I could focus on to improve.”  

Powerful Insight

The Achiever’s performance assessment is broken up into sections, with indications about how long each one will take to complete. You’re always informed beforehand if a section is timed and a clock in the corner keeps track of your remaining minutes. This kept me on my toes, while preventing the stress of guessing how long I had left.

When I received my personality test results, I couldn’t help but nod along, thinking, “Yep, for better or worse, that’s me!” It helped me understand work habits I hadn’t considered in years. “

Hidden Talents

“Another enormous benefit of The Achiever Assessment applies to employee performance reviews. I was intrigued to see that two sections of the results pertain to an individual’s motivations and competitiveness levels. These are not only useful for recruiting services, but can reveal what will best improve employee performance.”

Performance Development

“For example, the assessment indicates if a person is best suited for a bonus-driven, commission-based position, or if the security of steady pay and hours motivates them more. This way, the company can reward team members in ways that actually impact their workflow, benefitting the entire business. Once the personality test has identified how to maximize motivation, monitoring employee performance becomes more positive and straightforward.”

Useful Feedback

“I was provided with an outline of areas for improvement, such as how to better motivate myself through the workday. For example, as a professional who primarily works at a desk all day, I hadn’t considered that regular breaks for physical activity would improve my concentration once I sat back down. I appreciate insights like this, which can help me and my co-workers work together more effectively. “

Clear Results

“Honestly? I wish all companies would issue this pre employment test, so that candidates can also see how they may measure up for the role at hand! Many professionals have never received such a clear, conclusive look at their varying levels of competence. The clarity helps avoid lots of unnecessary stress. Using The Achiever as a pre employment screening service ensures fairness for both the business and the candidate looking for a great career fit.”

My Conclusion

“Overall, The Achiever Assessment saves companies—and candidates—time. It reveals the right individuals for open positions, offers ways to engage current employees, and can even help you learn a thing or two about yourself.”

–AJ Dent
Owner, DigitalAJ

We are proud to receive Ms. Dent’s endorsement of our hiring assessment and HR services.
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