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CRI Urges: Invest in Human Capital

March 01 / 2018

A Team Effort

It takes a village to raise a child, but what about a...

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Help Employees Take On High-Caliber Roles

October 02 / 2017

Changing the Rules of Hiring

Amazon made global headlines by announcing its search for a...

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CRI Assessment: The Achiever

September 29 / 2017

The Multi-Factor Advantage

In show biz, being dubbed a “triple threat” is one of the...

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Employee Engagement Makes the Difference

September 10 / 2017

A Winning Mentality

“Football is football and talent is talent. But the mindset of your...

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Millennials Affect Corporate Culture

July 19 / 2017

A New Generation

Everywhere you turn these days, millennials are being analyzed: their spending habits,...

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Crucial Recruitment Decisions

July 05 / 2017

Difficult Hiring Decisions

Goldman Sachs recently made headlines thanks to a rare recruitment decision. For...

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Benchmarking: Compare applicants to current employees

June 21 / 2017

Reflecting on Progress

As this month marks the US calendar year’s halfway point, it’s also...

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Corporate Culture & Recent Graduates

May 17 / 2017

Focused on Future Hires

For companies whose Q1 ends in March, it can be easy...

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History of Candidate Resources, Inc.

April 03 / 2017

America’s Employment Assessment Pioneer

The products and services provided by Candidate Resources, Inc. (CRI) have...

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